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Faculty Directory

  Jonathan Paek Principal
Assistant Principal
  Miriam Feigelstock APEIS
  Michael Park Assistant Principal
Support Staff
  Maria Flores Parent Representative
  David Garcia School Administrative Assistant
  Marisa Gonzalez Coordinator
  Regina Lim Parent Representative
  J Myung Coordinator
  R Ramos Instructional Coach
  I. Arevalo Teacher
  C. Cho Teacher
  G. Choi Teacher
  H. Choi Teacher
  T. Choo Teacher
  C. Cordova Teacher
  J. Corea Teacher
  M. Dela Cruz Teacher
  V. Garcia Teacher
  E. Gonzalez Teacher
  M. Hwang Teacher
  J. Jeong Teacher
  S. Kevork Teacher
  S. Kim Teacher
  S. Kwon Teacher
  K. Lazarev Teacher
  K. Leal-Juarez Teacher
  H. Lee Teacher
  J. Martens Teacher
  C. Martinez Teacher
  M. McCormick Teacher
  J. Mejia Teacher
  L. Reid Teacher
  C. Sin Teacher
  R. Thorsen Teacher
  S. Yang Teacher
  J. Yi Teacher
  C. Yoon Teacher